When it comes to wedding planning I know that there are a lot of decisions to make, so here are some frequently asked questions that may help:

How long do you stay on the day?

I love getting the full story of the day, all the big, little and unexpected moments that add up, so, with my standard package, I’ll be with you from getting ready through till the dance floor action. This typically adds up to around 10 hours.

Do you take formal or group shots?

Yes, if you’d like me to. I know that they can be an important record of groups of family or friends who might not be together that often, let alone dressed up all snazzy. I’d suggest keeping these to no more than around eight combinations though, so that it doesn’t eat up too much time and you can get on with enjoying the day.

How do we do our portraits with you?

I love to get creative, relaxed portraits of my wedding couples. These will be a variety of documentary shots of you walking around the venue or surrounding streets or chilling out somewhere, close ups that are a little more emotive or fun, and big landscape shots that take in you and the scenic background behind you. You absolutely don’t have to block out a big chunk of time for them though! Usually we’ll go for a little walk around as your guests are going in and getting settled for the meal, and again in the late afternoon and early evening – just in 10 minutes or so here and there – so we have a nice combination of locations and light. However, if I spot something amazing like the sun setting at a certain spot, I’ll come a grab you for a minute!

I don’t like having my picture taken!

First of all, forget the uncomfortable perception of being directed and ‘[posed’ (yuck!). I work in a very relaxed way, capturing genuine emotions and moments. I will never be in your face or shouting instructions. For most of the day, I hope you don’t notice me! And for your own couple portraits on the day, we’ll have a glorified walk and chat, and I’ll typically pause you in places and stand back and capture you interacting naturally. We’ll have also got to know each other a little before the day so you’ll be comfortable and I’ll be more like a chatty friend who happens to have a camera, rather than ‘The Dreaded Photographer’!

Do you work with a second photographer?

I usually work on my own as it means I can roam around without being intrusive so that you and your guests are more at ease. However, if you are planning a bigger day than normal (say 100+ guests) or have multiple locations and things going on, I can easily bring a second photographer along with me.

How far do you travel?

I’ll go as far as clients will have me, from the length of the UK, to Europe and beyond. If it’s more than a couple of hours away from home in Edinburgh, I’ll travel the day before, and my all-inclusive package includes my travel and accommodation.

How soon do we get our photographs?

You’ll see a small selection in the day or two after the day, so you have something professional to share straightaway. Once fully-edited and processed, you’ll get your final set of images in both your online gallery and on USB no later than eight weeks after the day.

I love all your colour shots, but do we get black & white photographs as well?

Yes, you get all of your images in both colour and black & white – and you get all of them in print- and web-ready versions so they are good to print, share and use as you wish (just don’t sell them to OK! Magazine or similar!). All of the colour and black & white versions are also uploaded to your online gallery, which has an in-built print purchasing function for anyone to use.

Do we meet you before the day?

If at all possible, then absolutely! It’s really important to me to build a rapport with my clients as this is how we get the most natural images. So if we can, we’ll have a chat over a coffee or a pint, you can tell me about the two of you and what you’ve got planned, and I can show you some more work, talk you through my approach on the day and what’s included, so that you can make an informed decision. If you live further away than Edinburgh, we can do this over the phone or Skype. We’ll also chat and catch up before the day, so that by the time the wedding comes around, I’m more of a friendly, familiar face.

What happens if it rains?

Well, we can’t help the weather – and nowhere more than in Scotland! There are always alternatives and it doesn’t stop me capturing your day at all. My gear can cope with low light conditions, and I will have scouted out the venue for indoor locations we can use for the group shots and portraits. However, if you’re up for heading outside with some umbrellas, the rain won’t stop us in the slightest!

What happens if you’re ill?

I would literally have to have an arm falling off or similar to not shoot your wedding. If the very worst happens, I have photographer contacts up and down the country who are lovely and have a similar creative, documentary style to my own, so I would find someone to stand in on the day; I would still cull and edit the final set of photos for you.

Do you require a meal on the day?

We photographers are typically on our feet for at least 10 hours on a wedding day, so a hot meal would be great, even if it’s just a sandwich and chips in the bar! Typically, your reception venue will be able to arrange an additional main meal of what you’re having. However, if this isn’t possible, don’t fret.

Do you do engagement shoots?

Yes, engagement shoots can be added. They can be a great opportunity for you to have a go in front of the camera before the day, for us to chat and get to know each other, and you get some cracking images that you can use on the day itself if you’d like to.

How much editing, enhancing or retouching do you do?

Every image selected is checked in post-production for contrast, lighting, sharpness and colour balance, so that your images look their very best (but still natural!). This is included as a standard part of my work and what I deliver. I don’t do airbrushing or contouring or anything like that.

Who owns the copyright to the images?

The legal copyright of the images remains with me, as the photographer, so technically I own them, but you get personal reproduction release which means you can print and share them to your heart’s content. You just can’t use them for commercial re-sale or sell your wedding day as a feature to OK! magazine or the like!

Are you insured and do you have backups?

Yes, as a professional photographer I’m insured for both public liability and professional indemnity. On the day, I work with two cameras, a number of high performance lenses and memory cards, and have other backups with me. For keeping your images safe and archived, all of your images are saved on three drives, two with me at home and one off-site, and in the cloud, all protected and encrypted.

How do we book you?

Very simply, you sign a contract and a pay a booking fee of £450 by bank transfer or cheque. Once we’ve got both of these, you’re booked and any other enquiries for the same date are turned away. The balance is payable one month before the day.

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