Fun wedding photography – Best of 2019

Here it is. My Best of 2019.

This year I’ve taken a more people / moment / emotion led approach to picking my favourites.

Stellar couple portraits are all well and good, but what really connects is shots that are full of life and meaning.

Happy tears.

Big bear hugs.

Throwing (questionable) shapes on the dancefloor.

Little glances.

Belly laughs.

Families reconnecting.

Best friends enjoying a fizz or three.

Comedy moments.

We-did-it cheers.

And all the love from lochsides to music venues to country houses and everything in between.

Nothing staged. Nothing faked or cheesy.

Just giving you all the relaxed, genuine wedding photography realness (yes, I have been watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race lately…!).

And on top of all this, welcoming our daughter Rosanna into the world in February and watching her turn into a happy, thriving, delightful and curious little creature who we could not be more proud of (she’s hiding in the slideshow with my mum in one frame…see if you can see her!).

To everyone who’s been a part of 2019, clients, families, friends and fellow suppliers – in what’s been an entirely unpredictable year as we’ve navigated new parenthood and all it’s thrown at us – THANK YOU. SO MUCH. You Rock.

So turn up the volume, switch on the HD and press play and ENJOY!

And do share with your newly engaged mates getting married in 2020 or 2021.

Big love – and here’s to 2020,

Annie x

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