Photographing a wedding day is all about immersive, genuine, joy-filled storytelling – from creative portraits of the two of you, to informal, fun documentary shots, to arms-in-the-air dance floor action, I love every minute of it.

Everything is also super relaxed and natural. The only time I will lightly direct is during the group photos (which don’t have to be stiff and boring!) and during portraits of the two of you (which are more a glorified walk and chat around your venue and surroundings). The rest of the time, I am observing, shooting, chatting and mixing in with everyone.

To get to be a part of wedding days from the getting ready through to the party is a really bloody privileged thing to do. I will well up during the vows, belly laugh with you during the speeches, and be in the thick of it on the dance floor – recording all the big moments, small moments and everything in between…

We-did-it moments

Confetti moments

Quiet moments

Comedy moments

Dancing moments

Stolen moments

Getting ready moments

Fun-filled moments

Look-at-that-view moments

Belly-laughing moments

Colourful moments

Rocking-out moments

Surprise moments

Did-he-really-just-say-that moments

Tear-jerking moments

Real hug moments

Fizzy moments

Real love moments

I also want you to be comfortable with me being around from the get-go, like a familiar face and blending in as a guest as much as possible. This is why getting to know you both beforehand, chatting over a coffee or a pint or two, or via Skype, and building a rapport is so important to me. The better I know you, and the more you know me, the more relaxed you’ll be and it’ll be like having an old pal along on the day.

If my approach, style and relaxed way of working appeals to you both, check out the finer details and get in touch! I’d love to hear from you.